Planning and realizing a musical and emotional support dedicated to the needs of wellness.


Music2bgood is a record label created by Stefano Pulga and Benedetta Dupré Pulga producing original soundtrack totally devoted to be part of the wellness world in all the espressions locations and needs

Stefano Pulga

Piano Player, Artistic Producer, Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer.

Benedetta Duprè Pulga

European Spa Educator, Holistic Music Consultant, Holistic Operator, Master Reiki, Personal Trainer, Breathing Techniques, Deep Tissue Massage, Meditation Techniques.

What we do

Sound Projects

Realization of original soundtracks customized in line of wellness treatment, locations and products.

Wellness Projects

Project planning and relization of original spa treatment combined with cosmetics.


Wellness class training combined with customized music soundtracks.


Original soundtracks dedicated to spa wellness projects actually in progress.